Case Studies

Long Term Flow Monitoring Study, Delaware County PA

Delaware County Regional Water Quality Control Authority (DELCORA)

CSL was selected to perform an evaluation of the available flow meter technologies in Fall 2004 for DELCORA. Inflow and Infiltration is an acknowledged problem in eastern Delaware County. In an effort to confront this acknowledged problem, DELCORA along with its member communities agreed to install a flow meter based billing system to replace its current EDU based billing system. CSL performed a systematic evaluation of all of the open channel flow metering technologies available in the market, as well as software and data collection/data transmission systems. A total of 10 flow meters from 5 different manufacturers were installed during the three month operation of each of the flow meters. In addition, dye dilution testing for in-situ accuracy of each of the flow meters was performed. CSL provided a report with recommendations to DELCORA on which types of flow meters, data transmission and software systems to use in the project. DELCORA adopted the recommendations provided by CSL, and purchased the equipment in 2006.

CSL was subsequently selected to install, operate and maintain, collect data, provide meter calibration services, and monthly reporting services for approximately 150 sewer flow meters in the Eastern Delaware County service area of DELCORA. The flow meters were installed in three drainage areas, and were installed between August 2006 and December 2006. The flow meters are connected to a wireless communication system which transmits the data back to a central location on a daily basis. Two different types of flow meters are installed in the system. This data is summarized in report form on a monthly basis and will be eventually used for billing of the communities tributary to the three drainage areas, as well as for I/I removal purposes. The flow meters have been providing better than 98% uptime since they have been installed. The flow meters are expected to remain installed for a minimum of 4 years.

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“CSL has always been extremely customer-friendly, and has made it their commitment to not only meet, but exceed my expectations. They have assisted me in providing flow monitoring and data analysis for several projects in the Bucks County Water and Sewerage Authority‚Äôs systems over the past several years, and I look forward to working with them for many years to come.”

-- Steve Hartman, Carroll Engineering