Condition Assessment

  • Collection System Inventory – CSL has the ability to locate, measure and describe all collection system manholes, pipes, pump stations, force mains, cleanouts and service laterals and include all in GIS data bases and maps.
  • Smoke Testing – CSL can conduct smoke testing to determine where there are defects in any part of a sanitary sewer system that will allow rain runoff to “leak” into the system.
  • Dye Testing – CSL can conduct dye testing in areas of suspected defects. These areas will be flooded with dyed water or dye will be added to rain runoff and the closest downstream manhole will be observed to confirm and quantify the defect. CCTV equipment may also be used.
  • Manhole Inspections – In addition to measurements obtained during the collection system inventory, CSL can record the condition of each manhole component and all defects will be categorized and rated.
  • Corrosion Inspections – Concrete and certain metal collection systems structures can be pH tested by CSL. Conditions will be uniquely observed in order to asses the potential for and extent of corrosive activity.
  • Flow Isolation – Instantaneous flow readings can be taken by CSL. This typically involves the use of weirs in order to isolate infiltration to definite portions of the collection system and, thereby, eliminate other unnecessary portions from CCTV inspection.
  • On-going Operation and Maintenance – Collection system conditions will be periodically and systematically assed regarding debris buildup, root intrusion and FOG (fats, oil, grease) and on ongoing maintenance plan will be developed.

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“CSL has always been extremely customer-friendly, and has made it their commitment to not only meet, but exceed my expectations. They have assisted me in providing flow monitoring and data analysis for several projects in the Bucks County Water and Sewerage Authority’s systems over the past several years, and I look forward to working with them for many years to come.”

-- Steve Hartman, Carroll Engineering