• Hach FlowManufacturers of American Sigma AV, Ultrasonic/Wafer meters and sensors, as well as rain gauges. Hach Flow, a world-class manufacturer of innovative and reliable open channel flow meters, is the first choice for flow professionals in the wastewater industry. Flow meter innovation, reliability, and accuracy are the hallmark of their products as well as an unrivaled support and sales network.View Site >>
  • ADS Environmental ServicesManufacturers of FlowShark, FlowShark Triton and all of their components. For 113 years, the Pitometer Group of ADS has been providing the finest available services to conduct water loss control programs.View Site >>
  • Teledyne ISCOManufacturers of ISCO AV and Ultrasonic Modules, sensors, wireless modems, and rain gauges. Teledyne Isco manufactures a wide range of products for professionals working in water pollution monitoring and abatement, engineers and managers involved with wastewater process control, and scientists involved in field and laboratory work.View Site >>
  • Marsh McBirneyManufacturers of Flodars and their components. For over 35 years, Marsh-McBirney has provided innovative and award winning flow instrumentation for the industrial and municipal markets.View Site >>
  • TelogManufacturers of RU-33 units and their components, which provide wireless and modem communication. One Solution From a Single Supplier. Now you can have data from all remote sites reside on a common platform, setting a new standard for accessibility and usefulness of the information you collect.View Site >>
  • FlowavFloWav offers adaptable velocity sensors, that have been lab and field tested for reliability and accuracy. FloWav offers several solutions to meet your flow monitoring needs and stands behind our products with a powerful warranty and a strong customer service commitment.View Site >>

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    “CSL has always been extremely customer-friendly, and has made it their commitment to not only meet, but exceed my expectations. They have assisted me in providing flow monitoring and data analysis for several projects in the Bucks County Water and Sewerage Authority‚Äôs systems over the past several years, and I look forward to working with them for many years to come.”

    -- Steve Hartman, Carroll Engineering