Flow Monitoring

  • Rainfall-Derived Infiltration and Inflow Studies (RDII) – CSL has executed numerous temporary and long term flow monitoring projects specifically for the purpose of identifying and prioritizing basins that take on extraneous flow during wet weather. Details about several of these projects can be found by clicking on the Case Studies tab.
  • Large Pipe Diameter Flow Monitoring – CSL has installed and maintains flow meters in locations with pipe diameters up to 210 inches.
  • Treatment Plant Influent/Effluent Flow Monitoring – CSL has installed and maintains flow meters at wastewater treatment plants, thereby avoiding the cost associated with the installation of primary devices.
  • Dye Dilution Testing – CSL is over of very few companies in the United States that has the equipment and expertise required to conduct dye dilution testing studies that determine the accuracy of flow meters in situ.
  • Rain Event Gauging – CSL maintains a complete inventory of rain gauging equipment. Accurate rain data is essential for both RDII analysis and for triggering sampling events.

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    “CSL has always been extremely customer-friendly, and has made it their commitment to not only meet, but exceed my expectations. They have assisted me in providing flow monitoring and data analysis for several projects in the Bucks County Water and Sewerage Authority’s systems over the past several years, and I look forward to working with them for many years to come.”

    -- Steve Hartman, Carroll Engineering