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CSL Services was founded in 1999, at the request of a client. A Regional Sewerage Authority located in the Northeast had sewer flow meters installed in over 20 locations. The data from these flow meters was used to bill the member towns of this sewerage authority. The authority had grown skeptical of the data being generated by the flow meters. The manufacturer, in the Authority’s eyes, was not able to provide him with an honest assessment of the data as they had their interests to protect. CSL was hired to evaluate the existing sewer flow metering system, and the data it was generating. CSL operated as an extension of the Authority staff to evaluate the current situation and provide recommendations about how best for the Authority to proceed into the future.

CSL has performed many of these types of evaluations. In 2002, CSL expanded its service offerings, again at the request of one of its clients. The client was unhappy with the quality and cost effectiveness of the work being provided by the service provider operating and maintaining their sewer flow meters.

Since its inception, CSL has logged over half a million meter-days and established itself as one of the leading flow monitoring and pipeline inspection companies in the Northeastern and mid-Atlantic United States.

CSL current service offerings include:

  • Flow Metering, Temporary and Long Term
  • Accuracy Analysis of Flow Metering Data
  • Flow Meter Technology and Upgrade Recommendations
  • Flow Meter Operation and Maintenance Cost Reduction Recommendations
  • Dye Dilution Testing
  • Smoke Testing
  • Flow Meter SCADA and Wireless Communication Integration
  • Web-Based Flow Data File Sharing

CSL is dedicated to performing those services which assist the Municipality or Authority in meeting its sewer flow metering needs, in the most cost effective way for their constituents.

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    “I have worked with CSL on several different projects, including flow monitoring and smoke testing studies, throughout the past few years and have been very pleased with the results I have received. I would highly recommend CSL to any consulting firm looking for a professional flow metering service company.”

    -- Al Sessa, T.Y. Lin International | Medina